The Academy Mission Statement

The Academy at Forest Creek provides children with life skills through the game of golf.  Students will understand the importance of integrity, honesty, friendship, adversity, creativity, fun and learning in each and every experience throughout their academy career.   

The Academy Pricing

  • 4-pack- $99
  • 8-pack- $189
  • 12-pack- $279
Academy Golf Event greens fee = 1 lesson from purchased lesson package

Frequently asked Questions

How do the packages work?

Academy packages are designed for the busy schedules we all have. One unit of the package is removed only when present.  Some kids come only Mondays, some only Wednesdays, some both, and others more sporadically. A single unit of the package is also used when present for our
ASE (Academy Sunday Event), explained below.

When does the Academy meet?

Our 5- 12 years old groups meet on Mondays and Wednesdays. Between June 1 and September 30 the 5- 8 years old group meets at 6pm and the 9- 12 years old group meets at 7pm, both for one hour. Between October 1 and May 31 the 5- 8 years old group meets at 5pm and the 9-12 years old group at 6pm. On Saturdays at noon our teen group meets for class.

Do I just show up for practice?

Once you’ve signed up for an Academy package online, the email address associated with the sign up will be added to a master Academy email list. That list is sent an email the morning of practice requesting an RSVP for that evening.

What is the ASE?

Approximately once a month we provide an opportunity for the kids to get out on the golf course, getting real golf experience from a special set of tees provided just for the Academy students. The kids will either play in a team format, or on an individual basis depending upon how they are progressing. When ready, they will vie for a medal based upon their performance. The medals are similar to the belt system in martial arts, where parameters are set for earning the next level of their
progression. (White, blue, red, black, elite)

The ASE (Academy Sunday Events) cost one unit from the package.  It includes the golf, range balls, and a single cart for the family to use to cheer on their kiddo on the course!

Does the Academy run year round?

Yes, but there are times we will cancel based upon certain circumstances. The most common cancellation of practice is weather related. If the heat index is under 50 or over 100 degrees, practice is very likely to cancel. Additionally, if we are experiencing rain or 20+ mph winds, practice is also, likely to cancel. If there is any lightning within 10 miles within 30
minutes of class, Academy will cancel. Other extenuating circumstances that may cancel class includes maintenance on the golf course/ practice facilities and/or tournaments.

Do I need to go out and buy clubs for my child?

We have clubs here that they are welcome to use during their first several visits. If it becomes clear your child is enjoying golf and would like to continue, we do recommend they get a set of their own. We are happy to make recommendations in that regard.