The Academy Mission Statement

The Academy at Forest Creek provides children with life skills through the game of golf.  Students will understand the importance of integrity, honesty, friendship, adversity, creativity, fun and learning in each and every experience throughout their academy career.   

The New Academy Schedule

  • Our Academy meets on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays
  • Monday and Wednesday 5pm-6pm = ages 5-8 years
  • Monday and Wednesday 6pm-7pm = ages 9-12 years and/or qualifiers from the 5-8 age bracket
  • Saturday 12pm – 1pm = ages 13+ years and/or qualifiers from the 9-12 age bracket

The Academy Pricing

  • 4-pack- $99
  • 8-pack- $189
  • 12-pack- $279
Academy Golf Event greens fee = 1 lesson from purchased lesson package

Academy levels of advancement

It is important to have measurable levels of advancement for our students.  Doing so allows them to see the relationship between work ethic, attitude, and success.  As such, we have created a system that mimics the belt system of advancement used in martial arts.  Advancement through the levels will require meeting scoring expectations from varying sets of tees through the golf course.  The Academics will have an opportunity to earn medals during our Academy Golf Events held on the first Sunday afternoons of each month.

The Academy Expectations

In an effort to create the absolute best experience for the Academics, there are certain expectations we expect them to meet.  Proper conduct includes knowing and adhering to safety policies, having a positive attitude, and treating other students and instructors with honor and respect.  Minor infractions (such as goofing off during drills) will receive verbal warnings and/or exclusion from activities.  Major infractions (such as bullying) will be grounds for dismissal.